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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product Haul: ecomom

Thanks to Citrus Lane, I discovered a wonderful resource for eco-centered moms!

In December's Citrus Lane box, "A Few of Our Favorite Things", I received a $15.00 gift voucher to spend at www.ecomom.com. As a rookie mom, I'm still not too familiar with a lot of eco-friendly and organic products for babies and toddlers, but I'm always looking for new ones to try.

I was able to buy three items with my $15.00 gift voucher. All I had to pay for was Shipping.

Clockwise From Left: Yes To Baby Carrots Face & Nose Wipes (30 Wipes) $5.99, Dapple Toy and Surface Cleaner Canister (35 Wipes) $4.49, Yes To Carrots Lip Tint (Sunset Pink) $4.49

Yes To Baby Carrots Face & Nose Wipes
I was anxious to get this product because I wanted to eliminate the pile of damp washcloths accumulating in my household laundry bin. After a long blissful nap of drooling and dreams of sugar plum fairies, my daughter's mouth tends to get a little...crusty. This pack of wipes makes cleanup easy. However, after only one use, my daughter's face and neck started to get red and eventually broke out into a rash (luckily it cleared up within a few hours). I can't recommend this product without knowing why she had such a bad reaction though. Totally disappointed! 

Update: I didn't want to give up on these wipes, so I tested them on a less sensitive area - her hands. She didn't have the same reaction. I used the wipe on a small section of her cheek, and again, no reaction. Since then I've used these wipes several times. I have no idea why she had an allergic reaction from the first use. 

Dapple Toy and Surface Cleaner Canister
I have no complaints about this product. I'm familiar with the brand Dapple and I've been wanting to try their products so that I can compare them to Dreft, which is what I currently use. These wipes are great for any toys that your baby will undoubtedly drool all over, but can't be washed with the laundry. My daughter recently started teething - anything she can reach, grab, and lift is going into her mouth to gnaw on. I've already used a wipe or two on her exersaucer.

Yes To Carrots Lip Tint in Sunset Pink
I really like this little lip tint! It applies easily and leaves a cool minty sensation on my lips. The tint is darker than I anticipated, a rust color. This will probably become one of my daily makeup staples for the time being. Unfortunately, this lip tint has been discontinued on ecomom.

Every order placed on ecomom contributes to their own cause of feeding children in need! For more information, click HERE.

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