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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UNBOXED: Birchbox - February 2013

Last month, I didn't make the time to post about my January Birchbox, but I was okay with the contents for the most part. I'm still on the fence about keeping Birchbox as one of my subscriptions though because I'm not sure I can justify the expense on the sample sizes I've been sent. Birchbox based February's boxes on Hollywood's recent red carpet events. Although, my box selections didn't really reflect that...
Clockwise from Left: Twistband Headband in ArmyOjon Volume Advance Thickening SprayJuicy Couture Couture La La PerfumeColor Club Nail Polish in Mamba (Fiesta Collection), and Ghirardelli Chocolate Square in Milk Chocolate with Caramel 

Twistband Headband in Army
I have ranted about the hair tie version of the Twistband product before. And I still don't understand what the big deal is. I actually think I like the headband version less. I already know without using it that this headband would easily slide out of place and need to be bobby pinned to my hair. I don't want to use bobby pins unless I'm wearing a fancy hairdo for a formal event. I also don't want the awkward knot at the end of the headband to be digging into the back of my head. I know these hair ties and headbands will be circulating for a few months before I don't have to get them in my beauty subscription boxes anymore. 

Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray

My hair is really fine and naturally limp, so I'm constantly looking for a product to give me literally any level of volume. I spritzed my damp hair with this thickening spray and blow-dried it shortly afterwards. My hair did appear to be more voluminous! It'll take a few more uses to convince me, so I'm glad I was sent a deluxe sample. 

Juicy Couture Couture La La Perfume
I spritzed my wrists with the itty vial of perfume and my first impression wasn't good. The scent was too strong for my liking (and fumey), and in my opinion, completely forgettable. I know almost every Birchbox subscriber has received at least one Juicy Couture perfume sample by now, so I was expecting it.

Color Club Nail Polish in Mamba (Fiesta Collection)

The nail polish was the most surprising product in my box. I didn't like it and refused to try it at first since I'm not a nail polish guru and I'm a bit picky about the colors I receive from beauty subscriptions. But my opinion completely changed once I decided to give it a chance. Red is a color I only want to own one bottle of since it's a color I hardly wear, if ever. This little polish bottle is perfect for that as I don't currently own any shade of red. Application of this polish is easy, and I was impressed by the amount of color saturation left on my nail with just one coat. It also dries fast and really sticks to the nail. Funny, I think it's my new favorite nail polish and red isn't even "my thing".

Ghirardelli Chocolate Square in Milk Chocolate with Caramel

I ate the chocolate square immediately after I snapped a few photos of my box. Of course it was delicious! Ghirardelli chocolate isn't exactly a favorite of mine, but I have tried several different chocolate square flavors throughout the years. The problem is that I can't eat just one. Ha. And it's a little underwhelming to receive chocolate from such a well-known brand.

After the initial feeling of disappointment with my February Birchbox selections, I have to say my attitude changed when I decided to test the nail polish.

If you're a Birchbox subscriber, what did you receive this month?

Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a curated box of 4-5 beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products each month. Birchbox Women is $10.00 a month, and the *new* Birchbox Men is $20.00. Accrue points to spend at the Birchbox shop by referring friends, reviewing the product samples sent, and for each box received. Click HERE to join Birchbox today!

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  1. I'm not a birchbox subscriber, but I would say on the plus side...your box included chocolate! :) The only Ojon product I have tried is the volume mousse, and it works well for me!