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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Favorite Product of the Month: Color Club Nail Polish in Mamba

My newfound favorite product from February is a Color Club Nail Polish in Mamba. The shade Mamba is part of the Fiesta Collection that I sampled through Birchbox. Initially, I had no interest at all in sampling a shade of red. Red nail polish just isn't "my thing". But I decided to test the color out on my thumbnail anyway. I was impressed by the end result so much that I stopped whatever important task I was doing at the time to paint the rest of my nails. I've been consistently using it since.

Preach it, Sweet Brown.

What I love about this nail polish is the ease of application and speed in which it dries. In caring for my infant daughter, I don't have much time to set aside for painting my nails!

The texture of this polish is thicker and more smooth than most, and when dried, looks like I had my nails professionally painted at a salon. One coat of this is all you need, with a clear top coat to complete the look and prevent bothersome chipping.

Mamba is the perfect shade of red for nails.

If you're interested in purchasing this product, click HERE to buy it through Birchbox. You can browse through Color Club's other collections if you're ready for spring shades. But for me, it's still too cold to use pastels. Although I'll have to get my hands on a bottle of Lavendarling!!!

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