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Friday, June 14, 2013

Julep Maven: June 2013 "Sail Into Summer"

I skipped a month or so of Julep to cut back on the amount of subscriptions I currently have - but this past month I forgot to skip and I'm glad I did.

The box theme of the month is "Sail Into Summer". With the nautical theme circulating most of my subscriptions, I've been one happy woman! As I've stated in previous posts I love, love, love anything nautical especially when I can incorporate it into my everyday look somehow.

I'm still a little bummed that Julep retired my original style profile, American Beauty. I've since been defaulted to Boho Glam. Eh, whatever. *fake sob*

As usual, I'm impressed by Juelp's box presentation. My polish is always neatly packaged and I can count on getting a fun extra! This month I got three pieces of salt water taffy by Dolle's. I couldn't help myself - I gobbed one down before I had a chance to snap a photo. :-P
Ha. My lazy attempt at swatching the DD Crème...

The Boho Glam polish selections of this month are Lexie (dandelion yellow crème) and Dianne (mint green crème). Both shades are such happy colors! The beauty product selection is Julep's own DD Crème. Are we really already up to DD now?! I received the shade Light, but after further swatching it looks like it's a bit dark against my very fair skin tone (eh, the sun doesn't like me...even in the summer!). I'm trying not to make any judgements about it until I've had a chance to apply it to my face with my Beautyblender. I'll be posting soon about my comparison of BB, CC, and DD creams/crèmes so you'll see if it worked out for me after all.

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service. Each box is $19.99 per month, but you can skip any month should you opt to do so if you don't like any of the available selections. You'll accumulate JULES with every box purchase and friend referral, and also gain access to the Secret Store! Be sure to use the code JULEPVIP at checkout to get your first box for only 99 cents!!! Click HERE to subscribe.*

*Referral link included.


  1. Haha! Love the little swatch :-P I love Julep Maven boxes! June was a good one, I agree! It made up for the other mediocre subscription boxes I got. I was also wonderin if you' have a review of Vain Pursuits? I think they're similar to Julep Maven but more specifically for skincar?

    1. I'm curious to learn more about Vain Pursuits as well. I heard that they did something called Vain Kits?

    2. My interest is piqued, but I don't know much about it.