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My name is Christen, I'm 30 years old and a stay-at-home mom to my three beautiful girls, Lauren, Hailey, and Farrah. My husband David and I live on scenic Long Island and we love it. Our party of 5 keeps pretty busy, but I try to set aside as much time as I can to blog (which isn't as often as I'd like these days).


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weighing in with Christen: An Introduction

Naturally, with a new baby, I haven't updated my blog in a while. It's also been a lot more hectic than usual because my husband and I bought another house and we've been renovating non-stop since we've moved in. But now I'm taking a hiatus from the renovations for my sanity and I'd like to sllllllow things down.

Other than my blog being neglected, so has my health! I'm starting a new series. I'm going to title it "Weighing in with Christen". This blog series will be centered around my trip-ups and triumphs as I work toward a healthier weight. My first goal is to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight since I delivered my younger daughter back in May. Before I got pregnant again, I lost nearly 100lbs and successfully maintained that loss until I reach my second trimester of pregnancy. Now, I'm carrying around about 20lbs extra and between the move and renovations we had going on, I didn't have a kitchen for several months and we ate fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Finally, all of my pores are unclogged. *shudders*

If I order any more fast food for the remainder of my life - it'll be too soon. That excludes pizza though. ;-)

Now that I've completely derailed this year, I'd like to talk about a few goals I've made for myself that are fairly small. Realistically, as a mom of 2 with a spouse that commutes almost two hours to and from work, I haven't found the time to exercise at all. I simply never have anyone to watch the kids. Sure, I could exercise from home with workout DVDs - but I can't imagine truly being able to focus on proper technique with a 3 year old weaving in between my legs. The kids zap all of my energy. I know, I know. It sounds like an excuse. Maybe it is. But that's something I really want to touch on here. How do you have a healthier lifestyle that includes daily exercise when you have kids? I haven't bothered to figure it out. I realize that there are others mothers that can make it happen and I envy that.

With that being said, my first goal is to GET to the gym. It sounds lame - but I will find ANY excuse not to go. I'll even accept a half-assed attempt of walking down my porch and towards the car to pretend like I'm going. Am I seriously that lazy when it comes to exercise? Yes, my friend. Yes. NO SHAME.